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    I couldn't believe it when I was looking for a Molly community and couldn't find one. :o So here it is. The very first Molly Walker fan community on LiveJournal! Basically, if you're a fan of Molly, this is the place for you. XD

    Everything accepted: discussions, fanfic, manips, fanart, and anything else.

    .ONE. All posts must be focused on Molly Walker or Adair Tishler.

    .TWO. In fanfic, Molly cannot be included in any sexual content.

    .THREE. LJ-cuts are your friend. Graphics that are a TOTAL of 300x300 must be placed behind a cut. Spoilers must be placed behind a cut. Fanfics, essays, and just any overly long posts must be placed behind a cut. We want to be nice to spoilerphobes, dial-up users, and we just don't want to clog up anyone's friends page.

    .FOUR. Spoilers must be placed behind a cut and must be clearly labeled as a spoiler!!!

    .FIVE. No pimp only posts. If you want to pimp, it must be a Heroes related community and it has to be in a post of something else (fanfic, fanart, etc).

    .SIX. Play nice. No bashing and no fighting.

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